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Gate of the Sun

by Elias Khoury
translated by Humphrey Davies
ISBN-10: 0-312-42670-4

In a makeshift hospital in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Beirut, Yunes, an aging Palestinian freedom fighter, lies in a coma. His spiritual son, Khalil, who nurses Yunes, refuses to admit that his hero may never regain consciousness. Khalil relates the story of Palestinian exile while also recalling Yunes’s own extraordinary life and his love for his wife, whom he meets secretly over the years at Bab al-Shams, the Gate of the Sun. Drawing on the stories he gathered from refugee camps over the course of many years, Elias Khoury has provided “a window into the thinking of Palestinians, and a touching, powerful glimpse of their unique place in world history” —Los Angeles Times

Paradise Travel

by Jorge Franco
translated by Katherine Silver
ISBN-10: 0-312-42596-1

Paradise Travel is cinematic, its story jazzily fractured in the way of Pulp Fiction. . . A moody noir—plot clean and tight, atmosphere thick with grime. . .”
Entertainment Weekly

With stolen cash and tickets booked through a shady travel agency, Marlon Cruz and his girlfriend, Reina, have smuggled themselves out of Colombia and into the United States. But on their first night in New York City, they lose each other, and Marlon is cast into the city’s immigrant underworld, alone. As he searches for Reina where illegals congregate, the story of their harrowing cross over the border is retold, mapping the relationship that has transformed him into a reluctant immigrant.

Captain of the Sleepers

by Mayra Montero
translated by Edith Grossman
ISBN-10: 0-312-42543-0

For fifty years, Andrés Yasin has carried a grudge against J. T. Bunker. Now dying, Bunker wants to tell his side of the story, the story of his affair with Estela, Andrés's mother. Bunker was known as the “Captain of the Sleepers”—so called because he transported back to Vieques those who had died on the mainland but wished to be buried at home. But what really happened between Bunker and Estela? What did Andrés witness, and what were the real circumstances of his mother’s mysterious death? Captain of the Sleepers is a startling tale of remembrance and reality.

In the Wake

by Per Petterson
translated by Anne Born
ISBN-13: 0-312-42704-2

When Arvid Jansen comes-to one morning, leaning against the door of the bookstore in Oslo, Norway, his grief comes back to him in devastating flashes: His parents and his brothers are dead, he has lost touch with his wife and daughters, abandoned his career as a writer and bookseller. His old life is gone. In the Wake is the story of Arvid’s first steps toward gradual confrontation with everything he lost, and ultimately with his own role in the disaster that killed his family. Told with insight and moral force, In the Wake is the American debut of a treasured European writer that “Holds the reader in a hypnotic thrall.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch