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Now in its third year, Reading The World is an exciting collaboration between booksellers and publishers interested in bringing international voices to the attention of readers like you.

As a result, throughout the month of June and beyond, many independent bookstores across the country will be displaying the titles found on the following pages. These forty books represent some of the most exciting literature being written outside the United States. From Lithuania to Iraq, from Norway to Chile, the writers offer an excellent introduction to a variety of cultures and ideas found outside our borders—ideas and cultures that we must have access to in order to understand our world.

We would also like to thank the amazing Peter Sís for providing the artwork for Reading The World. The images he has created for the program beautifully capture the vision of our program, and his dedication to world literature is admirable.

Most important, though, we hope you enjoy whatever books from this list and the bookstore displays you decide to read.


Karl Pohrt, Shaman Drum Bookshop
Chad Post, University of Rochester
Jeff Seroy, Farrar, Straus & Giroux